"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."- Anne Frank

Simply Veronica…

Yes I’m autistic, but I’m still… Nonchalant BubblyRelentlessCaringEmpatheticSerious I have writers block at the moment. All I have is my perkiness obviously. You see? I’m still human. My brain just operates differently from everyone else’s. Yes it’s overwhelming on a daily basis. Yes I’m socially awkward. But, I’m still smiling as I write this down. … Continue reading Simply Veronica…

His Last Words

Deputy Clyde Kerr III, After a long 8 hour work day, I came home, had McDonalds for dinner, and began to prepare for the next morning. Before hitting the shower, I decided to browse through my Instagram account. Suddenly, I discovered your suicide letter. Having been caught off guard, I decided to click on your … Continue reading His Last Words

The Novel

For over 7 years, writing a novel has been on the back of my mind. This began after I developed the habit of journaling. Because this was not chosen, I know this is a calling from the Lord. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to begin a novel at the time. Plus I was puzzled … Continue reading The Novel

Love the Imperfections

If it weren’t for the experiences I have with my autism, I wouldn’t be a writer. So I’m very thankful to the Lord for guiding me through those experiences. They have blessed me with a valuable lesson: HOLD A POSITIVE OUTLOOK ON LIFE.

Coming To Terms

Close your eyes and imagine that communication is your biggest struggle. It feels like you’re running into a brick wall every time you speak to others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re under pressure at work or relaxing with people closest to you. You may know exactly what to say, but have know idea how to … Continue reading Coming To Terms

My name is Veronica. I’m a 32 year old woman with High Functioning Autism. I have a very courageous twin sister named Jessica who has a more severe form of autism. I stutter as well. My blog is a public journal. However, I’m still searching for a niche. You will also see a bubbly side of me 🙂 🙂 Welcome to my blog and I look forward to posting!!!

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