The Childhood Chronicles: Elementary School

The school that left so many fond memories…I went here by the way (=

During my early years of school, I never thought of myself as autistic. I always thought of myself as a kid who was just developmentally delayed. From kindergarten to the fifth grade, I was in special education. However, I was receiving the same school work as other school children. All I had was modifications in my learning. This is why I did not think much of my disability as a child. Hey, I was a kid. I always thought on the positive side as a child 😊 

As far as making friends, it was not as hard as it is currently. Everyone who was in my class got along great. Keeping to myself was not easy; and that was good for me. We all sat together at lunch and played together during recess. In addition, we helped each other with class work and kept the classroom tidy. There was (and still is) something I possessed that had many kids turn to me for help: The gift of spelling.Β 
If there was anything I mastered throughout elementary school, it was spelling. Spelling tests were always aced. Questions were constantly asked about how to spell a word. For example, β€œVeronica, how do you spell please?” I did not hesitate to answer the questions. My teacher referred students to me whenever that question came up. I did not mind at all. I enjoyed helping my peers.

β€œIn my mind, I was just like every other kid. All I had was learning difficulties.”

Underlined: It’s extremely common for children in the Autism Spectrum to be in special education in order to receive modifications in their learning.

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