One Chapter Closes, A New One Begins

This morning, thinking it was another typical work day, turned out to be the ending of the job I had held since January 2018 (one month after moving here from Orlando, FL). The restaurant I was employed at (PDQ) shut down. My boss sat me down and broke the news to me. I was furious. However, I was not shocked. My place of employment had been struggling way before I began working there. Money was tight for everyone working there due to slow business. Why did I stay there? It’s because I struggle with accepting change and get super paranoid whenever change occurs. I know I shouldn’t have let that stand in the way of the money I so desperately needed, but I have. Yes, I’m stubborn. I’m being honest to a fault 😉 Anyway, I understand why my place of employment shut down, so I am not at all paranoid at this point. Change will take time for me to adapt to, but I am ready to face it. I came to this conclusion: CHANGE HAPPENS, whether we want it to happen or not. LIFE HAPPENS. Hard times will come our way. It’s a part of life. I realize that it’s 100% up to me to get where I truly want to be. IN THE CLASSROOM.

Two weeks ago, I began this course (Introduction to Early

Childhood Development) required to receive my teacher’s credentials. After the course is over, I will be able to work in the classroom. It’s 8 weeks long and I cannot wait until this class is over. It’s going excellent. I get an opportunity to visit a childcare facility that’s located on the campus where I am taking the class. It’s accredited by NAEYC and it looks amazing inside and outside. The teachers and assistants do their job very well and the children seem to enjoy themselves. So yeah, despite the hardships of losing the job I had, I am aware that better things are coming my way.

In my mind, bittersweet feelings are everywhere. Upset due to losing a job, but optimistic knowing that a better life is coming towards me. I know that I will get through this hurdle and that it’s going to be alright. 

Underlined: People with autism typically have a hard time with accepting (and adjusting) to change.

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