How is it a Blessing?



Three weeks ago, I’ve written a post called “It’s A Blessing.” It’s the post that fortunately has the most views, which is amazing. I stated that having autism was a blessing and not a curse. I must be one of the very few autistic adults, if not the only one, that calls a developmental disorder that’s not fully understood a blessing. When one thinks of the word “blessing,” they usually think of the good things, such as family, a job promotion, or marrying their soul mate. Not things that involve obstacles to overcome. I even asked God if I was nuts for writing something so unique. Then He brought me to Exodus 4:11 NIV – The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” Coming across this verse was God’s way of saying, “Veronica, everything you’ve written is true.”



However, I still ask myself questions. How can something that causes learning, communication and social deficits be a blessing? How can something that required me to go to speech therapy from grades K-9 be of God? Struggles with job performance, difficulties relating to others, the uncontrollable stims, the meltdowns. All of these struggles are associated with autism and living with it is a blessing? “It’s super frustrating to live with,” I weeped.

God intervened and said, “Yes Veronica. Your developmental disability is a blessing. It’s a blessing because it’s part of My creation of you. I’m the reason for your beating heart. I’m the reason for your oxygen you breathe. I put it there Veronica. I make no mistakes. Nothing about you will be erased.” Then He asked, “What would you rather have? The developmental challenges you go through daily or the the pain my Son endured, willingly, on his way to the cross?” I immediately chose my developmental challenges! I always knew that there are those who have it way worse in the world. But for a moment I have forgotten just how much pain Christ went through to spare us. This is why I consider my daily struggles a blessing instead of a curse. According to God, I am beautifully and wonderfully made. You my friend, are beautifully and wonderfully made as well.

Yes there will be more challenges ahead, but no obstacle is impossible to climb over if we just believe in Christ!



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