I Was A Fool

Now that 2020 is here, I want to start off by writing a letter to a former friend. Her name is Kenya, the only person that treated me the way a friend should. I just did not do the same in return. I am sharing this in hopes of finding peace as far as my past is concerned.

Dear Kenya,

I want to apologize to you and Levi (your son). I should have treated you the way you treated me. I should have gave back because you helped me so much. I should have handled my money more responsibly. And lastly, I could have responded more respectively after you decided to end the friendship. Even though it’s been almost 8 years, I still feel guilty for not treating you the way you deserved. You did nothing to deserve it. I was a selfish bβ€’β€’ch. I have no idea why I was the way I was. However, I am writing this for the world to see to show that I actually care. I am so embarrassed and sorry for being the way that I was. From now on, I will treat people the way I want to be treated.

One day after, you actually texted me. I want to explain why I did not respond. I needed room to grow into someone that can be trusted. I needed time to focus on my mental health, self esteem, and the relationships with the people in my family. I hope that you understand. I wish you, Levi, and Debbie (your mother) nothing but the best. I love you all!

Love Veronica

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