The Memory Fade

There is something about my memory that I never thought of before, until now. One day, I was scrolling through Instagram. I came across a post about an autistic woman who wanted to post about something, but has forgotten what it was when the time came. A light bulb went off in my head. This happens to me! There were times where I wanted to watch a movie, but wouldn’t remember what movie I wanted to watch. There were times where I wanted to write about something, but the subject is forgotten once I get in gear to write. One time, I was at work. My boss instructed me to do something. But I had to return to him to ask him what he wanted me to do. It’s both annoying and scary. Losing memory feels like water dissolving in plant soil. The only difference is that the memory returns. Sometimes that is. This happens without warning. Beyond my control. I canโ€™t tell God to take away my memory loss. Itโ€™s simply part of my experience of being on the Autism Spectrum. I know that memory loss happens to neurotypical individuals as well. I just don’t know if they’re similar to my experiences.

I’m curious: Does this happen to you? You would have something on your mind, but’s it’s forgotten once the time comes for it.

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