This Longing


Even though being social is something I struggle with, I have a longing to be out there. Believe it or not, many auties have a longing of being more social. Despite my quirks, this longing has been cooped up inside me for quite some time. I have this urge of dancing with raggaeton playing in the background. The thought of having a handsome Latino man (my main preference) with sexy, dark eyes as a dance partner is overwhelming me.

I see myself wearing dark blue denim jeans, a white v neck top, white flats, and silver hoop earrings.Β  Red lipstick and mascara are the makeup go to’s. My hair is filled with tight curls. My dance partner (using my imagination) is wearing a red muscle tee, black shorts, and black sneakers. He’s so gorgeous that I shook when he asked me to dance with him. He took the lead and we danced the night away. At that moment, I have forgotten about my quirks. I have forgotten about the constant clarifications needed in order for me to better retain information. I was focused on him. The dance floor was packed, but it felt like it was just me and him. We danced throughout the whole song (Rakata, by Wisin y Yandel. They are displayed in the photo above). Afterwards, he has gone AWOL, leaving me on cloud nine.

Okay Veronica: back to reality! One of these days, I hope to experience something like this in real life. How would I feel? What would it be like? I can only wonder, hoping one day my imagination will become a reality πŸ™‚

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