New Job

I recently began working as a full time server at a retirement home. When I say full time, I mean 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM. So I have been doing grunt work all day 5 days a week. At first, I worked in the dining room as a server. I could not continue working there because the coworkers were extremely unprofessional and have no idea what respect is. Also, the job required a lot of retaining information, which is a struggle. So, I was transferred to another section of the retirement home. I feel much better! My coworkers are much easier to work with. The retirement home is quiet, which is fortunate for me because I no longer have to worry about my sensitivity to noise. I also no longer have to worry about information retaining. I am able to look at the menu as I make plates for the residents.

Oh, something happened at the new job site. A coworker told me that I should be the one training the new servers. That’s a first for me. Knowing that oral communication is a constant struggle, training someone would be extremely difficult. But I cannot help but being thankful to God that I received that compliment. I do pray my oral communication gets strong enough to the point where I’ll be capable of training someone. That would be an enormous milestone to me.

Full time work is time consuming, but necessary for sustainable living. I feel so blessed that I’m able to go out there and provide for myself. It also taught me that I’m just as capable as anyone else, as far as gaining employment goes. Modifications will be needed, but as long as they are beneficial, I will be more than happy to put them to use πŸ™‚

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