Is There Goodness Left?

In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.- Anne Frank

Over the past month, I have watched The Diary of Anne Frank repeatedly. I’ve watched the 1959 film, the 1980 film, the 2001 film, and numerous plays (all available on YouTube). Anne Frank had so much optimism during a very dark time (the Holocaust) for her, her family, along with million of European Jews, LGBT individuals, and the disabled. Something Anne had written in her diary has made it’s way into my heart and stuck with me. On July 15th, 1944, she has written this: In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

This 15 year old youth has put me to shame (outdid me in other words). How can someone, especially a child, write something so good while living in dire straits? How can someone have that much optimism during a time in which the chances of having a future were slim to none?

From my point of view, Anne was wise beyond her years. She believed that there was still goodness within people. It must have been impossible (for others) to believe that there was any goodness left, knowing that chances of being dragged off to a concentration camp were high. I know I wouldn’t have that kind of mindset if it were me in Anne’s position. However, there’s a part of me that agrees with this inspiring statement.

I must admit, I enjoy working at a retirement home. However, I cannot stand the people I work with. At the same time though, I think of the statement that Anne has written in her diary. Why? Because I believe that my coworkers have goodness somewhere inside them. It’s just hiding underneath their negative attitudes. I understand that I do not know them personally. I understand that I cannot stand being around them. But, my intuition tells me so.

The good news: this kind of thinking gets me through work every day. I know that there will be people out there thinking, “she’s crazy.” But that’s okay. One person’s perspective may not match another. God has created us all differently and we must embrace those differences. Anne Frank sure did!!!!

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