COVID -19: Effects At Work

As of March 19, 92 cases were confirmed in North Carolina. 52 new cases were confirmed the day before.

I just discovered that Fort Bragg, NC had its first case of COVID-19. It was reported today. Womack Army Medical Center is 17 minutes away from where I reside. The civilian that has tested positive for COVID 19 is currently in isolation in Harnett County (where he/she lives).

At this point, I’m thankful that my job is taking as many precautions as possible to prevent the outbreak from entering the retirement home. I thought it was ridiculous at first. We had to do a survey that contained questions about traveling, being in contact with someone who tested positive, and symptoms relating to this fatal illness. We must have our temperatures checked each day we come into work. Sanitizer is located at the door. We must use it before entering the building. Visitors are not allowed. Now this, will be heartbreaking for the residents. Not being allowed to have family come visit is something I cannot fathom if I was in their shoes.

Another thing: A vast majority of our residents eat in the dining room. But now, their meals must be delivered to their rooms. Damn. Work is going to be a combination of hectic, emotional, and downright overwhelming. It must not be easy being told that you must be in self isolation. Little to no socializing, no family visits, no getting out of your home (unless necessary). But at the same time, it’s understandable. COVID-19 is dire among the elderly. Recovering from it will range from challenging to impossible.

Work will be chaotic no doubt. But, I also know that the residents are unable to care for themselves the way they once did. So, I have decided to take what a 93 year old fellow resident told me into consideration. He said, “God is using you to feed me.” His words inspired me to the core. I will always remember that.

My prayer: I pray that this fatal illness will blow over soon!

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