Emergency Duty: God’s Call

Good morning everyone! COVID 19 is affecting my home (Fayetteville, NC). I ask everyone to pray for those working in hospitals, retirement homes, rehab centers, and law enforcement. While many have to remain in self isolation, we must report to work with no choice at all. Having always looked to them for emergency care (if needed), it’s very new to me to be the one needed for emergency patient care. The feeling is heavy. But at the same time, a blessing. I have never thought I would receive a letter like this (as a server in a retirement home), but I promised my residents that I will be there for them during these difficult times. Yes we are making ourselves MORE vulnerable to COVID 19, but emergency 🚨 duty calls. God has called us to do our jobs, no matter how dire situations can get.
I keep telling myself, “Veronica, please stay home.” But God is saying, “Veronica, go take care of your residents. I’m right here beside you.” God’s call will always outweigh my fears. He’s in charge.

3 thoughts on “Emergency Duty: God’s Call

    1. Thank you so much for your concern. Fortunately for us, we have not allowed visitors to enter for over a week. Also, we must sanitize (and wash) our hands, get our temperatures checked, and wear gloves and masks. Meals must be brought to the residents’ rooms as well.


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