COVID 19: Stay At Home Order

Governor Roy Cooper (of North Carolina) issued a stay at home order Friday. It will start on March 30 (last night). The order directs everyone to stay at home, except for essential necessities (such as grocery shopping). It bans gatherings of more than 10 people and directs everyone to stay six feet away from each other. If someone wants to exercise, they can go outside and do so. Confusing I know. Social distancing is required in the order, even at work (if the business is open).

What do I think? I am very thankful that Governor Cooper is doing everything he can to help his state stop the spread. The stay at home order is something that must be done nationwide. It’s mandatory. It’s the best way to slow down the spread.

At the same time, millions of people will be unemployed and the nation’s debt will worsen. The children won’t be able to go to school and have no idea when they will return. Social life is altered. So many changes are happening so fast. Who would have thought that a global health pandemic would happen in their lifetime?

I was told, “things will get worse before it gets better.” Yes, it looks bad right now. I know thousands of lives will be lost. I know those who recover will be left with medical bills (which should be waived). Some may have side effects from COVID-19. No one knows how long this will last. But at the very end of this crisis is recovery. God would never put us in situations that we wouldn’t be able to handle. We, as a country, can (and will) get through this.

If there’s any good news, it’s this: My city of Fayetteville has started taking safety precautions almost a week before the stay at home order was placed. My job is not allowing visitors to enter the retirement home. People are staying 6 feet away from each other. This shows that we are taking this very seriously. I just pray that the President considers putting a stay at home order nationwide in hopes of slowing down the spread.

I understand that there are people out there that don’t agree with the order. But, there’s no known cure for this. Doctors are risking their own safety to save our lives. There’s not enough room (nor equipment) in the hospitals to take care of us all.

How do I know there’s not enough equipment? Each time I get screened for symptoms (before entering work), I have to sign my name on a list of names to get a mask. That list of names (signifying that we got masks) would not be there if there was an ample amount of equipment. I beg you all to please take as many precautions as possible. Lets help doctors by staying at home (unless you have to go out for essential needs). God helps those who are willing to help themselves. Lets come together as a nation to break this deadly virus by doing this. STAY HOME.

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