COVID 19: The Past Two Weeks

COVID-19 is literally changing lives everywhere. The death toll has surpassed 12,700 in the United States. New York has the highest number of cases and fatalities. Survivors will be left with medical bills and possibly side effects from the fatal infection. For example, an infected personโ€™s lungs may not be fully functional after recovery.

Countless job sites rely on social interaction, such as retails stores, restaurants, car washes, and beauty salons (hair and nails). Due to social distancing and staying home being the most effective solutions to this deadly pandemic, many places of employment have collapsed. According to the Labor Department, over 10 million people filed for unemployment insurance over the past 2 weeks. Thatโ€™s 8.5 million more people than there were 2 weeks before. This makes up approximately 13 percent of the US population.

All of this shows that it has not been an easy two weeks. I’m feeling it at my place of employment: Server at a retirement home. All employees must wear masks and gloves. Our temperature must be checked before coming in to work. Afterwards, we’re questioned about symptoms of COVID 19, as well as being around someone whose infected.

Our residents are desperate for things to return to “normal.” I quoted normal because normal will not be the same after all of this is over. It’s devastating to watch residents speak to their family members through a glass window. Being unable to physically contact your loved ones is inconceivable. Not allowing our residents to eat in the dining room together is a heart breaker. I can hear their longing for their return to the dining room in their voices.

At the same time though, protective measures are a must to assure that the infection does not enter our facility. How long do they have to stay in place? UNTIL ALL OF THIS IS OVER. We must do this relentlessly. Difficult days are ahead. However, the more protective measures we take, the quicker things will return to “normal.” Also, the more protective measures we take, the lower chances are that we (employees and residents) become patients ourselves.

To hospital staff, military, police, and grocery store employees: THANK YOU SO MUCH. May the good Lord shield you all with His security, power, and love. You are all heroes!

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