Resurrection Sunday 2020

Outside my place of employment. I took the photo πŸ˜‰

Good evening everyone. Happy Easter! Today was the day the Holy Spirit has risen from the dead. However, I did not celebrate Easter with my family. As my family cooked Easter dinner, I was at work serving (feeding in other words) my residents. In fact, that was the reality for many of those working on the front line (as well as grocery stores).

This Easter was definitely hard, other than being asked out by a coworker. Yes, I was caught off guard πŸ˜‚. No, I don’t date coworkers πŸ‘ŽπŸ½. Anyway, my residents were not visited by family members due to the no visitation policy. The infection is now affecting our neighborhood, so the no visitation policy is absolutely mandatory. An Easter Celebration did not happen because more than 10 people would show up. Meals were brought to their rooms. Restrictions are still being used and it’s suffocating the crap out of us.

We did not want to do this on such an amazing day. But, it’s the best way to keep COVID-19 out of our facility. When the infection goes away, the restrictions will go away with it. I pray that day comes soon!

When will the end of all this come? No one knows: BUT STAYING HOME IS THE BEST SOLUTION TO ENDING THIS. If we do not, we will be stuck in this exile for much longer than 30 days.

As bad as things look right now, it’s an enormous pleasure being thanked by your residents for everything you do. I thank them for welcoming me with open arms. If it wasn’t for them, I would have never experienced what it’s like to help someone else in need. It’s a lesson that I will remember for years to come.

Lord; today is the day You have risen. We depend on You more than ever before. You are so good. Pandemic or no pandemic, You are the foundation that will never be shaken. I ask that you provide solace to those who have lost loved ones and to those fighting to stay alive. I ask that you offer a miracle to those who are trying to figure out where their next paycheck will come from. Worthy is Your Name Lord. Happy Resurrection! In Jesus Name, Amen!

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