COVID 19 Case

This is not an easy notification to make, but it’s absolutely necessary. It’s necessary because it’s affecting my workplace. Also, it wouldn’t be fair to hold something like this back from not only people I know, but from my readers.
Yesterday morning, one of our fellow residents tested positive for COVID-19. Her family has been notified. I notified my family as well. I do not know the resident personally because I work in the kitchen. Despite all the protective measures we have been taking for the past 8 weeks (personal protective equipment or PPE, isolation of all residents, no visitors, sanitizer at the front door, hand washing, constant cleaning of doorknobs, tables, floors, countertops, etc), COVID 19 managed to come through our nursing home. What’s even more alarming is that she is asymptomatic! She, along with the rest of our residents, will continue to be in isolation until all of this blows over. She (as well as all other residents) will continue being monitored. As for myself and the rest of the staff, we will continue getting screened before coming to work and before leaving work. Also, we will continue wearing our PPE and taking all the protective measures necessary to protect other residents from catching this devastating infection. I will keep you all updated.

•PS: if our resident’s condition changes for the worst, she will be rushed to the ER.
•PPS: Please pray! I know things are not looking good right now, but God is still here and will continue to be forever and ever. He will outlast COVID 19 without a doubt!

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