Happy Place: That Burning Flame

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs.”- Seth Godin

Hello there! I mentioned that there will be a Part 2 on a previous post called Happy Place. I’m basically picking up where I left off. On that post, I stated that I will discuss how I will pursue the calling God has placed on my life. That calling is writing.

Okay, I will go ahead and say it: I am a writer. Aspiring writer that is. Writing is the flame 🔥 burning within me. I have never considered myself a writer previously because I was not doing it professionally (still not). I had no idea that my writing would manifest into a blog that gets new posts weekly. Joy in doing so was the last thing I was expecting. Who would have thought that a stack full of filled journals (in my closet) is actually physical evidence of God’s call to write?

It all started when I discovered a book called Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis in April of 2019. I began reading it and learned that she has a blog as well! I visited her blog and absolutely loved it!!!! The idea of starting my own blog overran my heart and mind for months after that.

Fast forward to 13 months later: I AM GLAD I STARTED A BLOG! I feel tons of gratification each time I write. It got me thinking: this is what you should be pursuing as a career Veronica. You have a serious knack for this. Am I considering going pro? YOU BET I AM! Writing has been on the back of my mind as a career of choice for the past 3-4 years. I was just too scared to admit it to myself due to fear of discouragement. On top of that, I had no clue where to begin!

Now that I discovered a beginning (launching my blog), the question now is, “how do I go from amateur to professional? I’m asking myself this because I have no idea how to make such a transition. I’m currently stumped on my writing journey. This is why I’m using a website called The Art of Blogging (https://learn.artofblogging.net) . I absolutely love this online bloggers’ guide! I must say that it’s an extremely helpful guide for bloggers who want their websites to succeed. I do know that I must keep writing and enjoy the ride! The more writing done, the better 🙂 That’s the secret weapon to a successful blog!

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