Discovered Something

It’s been one month since I moved into my new place. I know you are all wondering how it’s going. I have to say that having my own place is fantastic! Absolutely peaceful! No compromise, no problems. The feeling of freedom hovers over me each day I wake up. It is a relief to come to a place I can finally call mine. It’s expensive yes, but it’s worth the money!

The only unfortunate thing is that I do not see my twin sister as often. I see my other two siblings and my mother quite often. But I made a promise to myself that I will pay her a visit one day!

Now, you can tell by the title that I’m eager to share something that I just started doing. For the past 8-9 years, I have been struggling with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It definitely sucks. These three things cause many challenges for me, such as drowsiness, lack of energy to do things (such as cook, clean, etc), constant worry, and thoughts the world is better off without me. Yes I’m taking medication, but I feel that I can use a little boost to bring out my bubbly self 🙃🙂


One day last week, meditation came to mind. I’ve seen people do it in movies. But I’ve never done it myself. It looked so relaxing. At the same time, I enjoy music. So I decided to search for meditation music on YouTube. Lo and behold many videos popped up.

I clicked on a video and began listening to it. About 20-30 minutes later, I began to feel a one-eighty happen inside me. It’s like going from a rainy day to a day full of sunshine. I was not in meditation position either. I was getting ready for work. That’s the part that’s the most intriguing. I enjoy both morning and night meditation. As long as it eases my mind body and soul 🙂

This really helps with my independent living as well. I don’t feel as overwhelmed when bills roll around. I perform way better at work due to my focus being intact. This meditation thing may become part of my weekly routine. Actually, it will! Couldn’t ask for a better stress reducer!!!

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