The Aquaintance

Hello there 🙂 There’s something (I mean someone) that has been occupying my mind for the past year. It’s like a light switch. I think of him off and on. I’m super scared to discuss this. But, I feel like I have to get it off my chest.

In July of last year, I have decided to go out. I figured that getting out of the house for while wouldn’t hurt. I wanted to meet new people as well, no matter how hard socializing may be. I went to a public gathering. Music was playing, people talking to one another, and hunky men everywhere. It was awesome. Of course my eyes were wondering around 😍 Suddenly, two men began talking to me. They basically asked me where I was from, what ethnicity I was, age, etc. One of these men caught my attention. I knew from the beginning that he was different from other men I’ve met previously. He’s so dear and so sweet. His name will not be given because we get along very well now. His friends have high respect for me as well. I really don’t want things to get awkward.

Three weeks ago, he told me how beautiful my eyes were. Also, instead of waving goodbye as we usually do, he winked at me 😉 I giggled of course. Hopefully he didn’t hear me 🤭

Nothing serious people. He’s just being friendly (from what I know so far). It’s just that he stands out for some reason. Every time I tell myself, “I just view him as a friend,” I feel a question mark at the end. I have no clue why.

I thought this question mark would go away by now. But it has not. The only solution that I know of is continue being cool with him and figure out what that question mark is. I don’t know what to do besides write it all down.

Perhaps seeing my feelings on paper will fill in that blank. You see, I’m more of a visual learner. Or, time would tell. Who knows?

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