The Unexpected

Hi there. I’ve recently done something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, but did not put aside the time to do so. I HAVE CHANGED MY LOOK!

I was a little pessimistic when I first looked in the mirror at my hair. My mother was too. I could tell. But, when I added bright eyeshadow, everything came together! I felt like my 17 year old self in my 32 year old self’s body.

My co workers were super surprised when I walked into work with lemonade braids and bright make up. They loved it! One thought my natural eyelashes were artificial 🤣 NO FALSE LASHES FOR ME 👎🏽 Mine are already super long 🤗 It’s also a huge relief to finally get out of that busted up wig!

As flattered as I am about all the compliments, there’s one person who has not seen my new look. THE ACQUAINTANCE. I can’t wait to see his reaction!!!

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