Sweeten Things Up

Another day, another blog post… That’s actually pretty relaxing after a long, exhausting day at work.

Anyway, three weeks ago, I went out grocery shopping. After leaving the restroom, I walked through the book section. There was one book that caught my attention. Something within me told me to buy it. It’s called Cherry Cheesecake Murder. Joanne Fluke is the author. The book has a bakery at the bottom and desserts plastering the cover. What caught my attention was that book is a murder mystery. What’s better? Sweets are involved!!!! I love sweets and I love mysteries. So, I decided to purchase the book and read all the twists and turns a murder mystery includes.

So far, I love the book!!! I’m on Chapter 4 now. Speaking of mysteries, I discovered that this book is part of a series of books! There are over 25 books. At this point, I’m pretty confident that I will want to read all the books. It’s not just because of the back to back mysteries, there are recipes included.

Speaking of recipes, an idea came to mind. I thought I should try something new, now that I’m living alone. It would also add creativity to the blog that I hope would grow to be a success. The book gave me that idea that I should try baking. Response: I’m going to learn!!!

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “why baking?” Well, the thought of baking makes me smile from ear to ear. So I figured, “photos of the food you bake would raise eyebrows of many. I mean, who doesn’t love sweets?”

With a leap of faith, I will spice up my blog with the foods I bake. I’m new to this so I won’t be perfect at first. As that saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” Excitement and nervousness fills my veins, but that will not hinder me from trying 🙃🙂

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