Blessings Not Curses

As a child, I considered myself to be like every other kid my age, except for being famous for having a twin sister named Jessica. I was in complete denial that I was a student with special needs. I attended class, snack time, recess and story time. Nothing out of the ordinary right? 

Or so I thoueght. 

During my adolescence, I began to realize that I was very different from my other classmates. I began to accept the fact that I do have high functioning autism. I could no longer deny it. I was often behind on my homework, struggled heavily with math, and attended speech therapy. Itโ€™s like I was in a race in which I had no idea where the finish line was. 

The struggle with communication was heartbreaking. It still is to this day. I could know what to say, but go completely mute, especially under pressure. Someone can speak to me, but I may not fully understand what they are saying. Same goes for reading. I can read. I actually enjoy doing so. However, I may only be able to fully grasp only bits and pieces of the story. 

This is only a portion of my personal experiences as an autistic individual. I know I will have more ups and downs. With writing as my go to for solace, Iโ€™m ready to face those ups and downs.  

At the same time, Iโ€™m aware that there are those on the spectrum that go through so much more. I can only imagine the experiences of low functioning autistic children and adults who are unable to voice their experiences. My twin sister Jessica is one of them. 

This is why I decided to share my story. I know I donโ€™t have to do this, but for the sake of autistic children and adults everywhere, I want to. I pray that itโ€™s taken as a testimony from families of children and adults on the autism spectrum. I call it a testimony because I now consider my experiences blessings instead of curses. 

If it wasnโ€™t for these blessings, I wouldnโ€™t be a blogger. It it wasnโ€™t for these blessings, the woman I am today would not exists. The fact that challenges can change life for the better is something I never thought could happen. It did, and nothing but thanks to the Lord is pouring out of my soul!!!! 

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