Hello There!!!!

Happy new year! I’m back!!! How’s it going? I missed you all so much. Good news: I started a novel last month. It’s a fictional romance novel. I’m on chapter two. So it’s been hard for me to squeeze in time for blogging. I’m so glad that I managed to find free time to do this. I actually learned that I must have a blog if I want my book to be well known, so I’ll be doing this as often as I can.

Over the past two months, I’ve been relentlessly keeping up with bills and sleeping in after working 16 hour days. Staying in as much as possible has been a priority for me because I live alone. If I catch COVID-19, I will be unable to work- rendering me unable to provide for myself. The good news is I get tested twice weekly and it came back negative each time. It just doesn’t feel as good when there are so many who aren’t as fortunate.

Doing everything possible to stay COVID free is extremely hard. I miss going shopping and going to the nail salon. Even more I miss socializing without all the restrictions we have now. I keep telling myself that things will get better, which is true. It’s just WHEN that I truly wish was known.

What am I doing to cope? Besides beginning my novel, I’ve been putting on my makeup, taking photos of myself, and posting them on Instagram (Instagram name: an_unique_mind). It’s less time consuming as well, which is awesome! Makeup is something I enjoy wearing so I figured that I show my art on Instagram. It’s been so much fun too!!! It’s like having a beauty salon in your own home. All the worries about what’s going on disappear for a moment.

Anyway, time has elapsed and I must run. I have to prepare for a 16 hour workday tomorrow. I promise to be back soon. Love and miss you all! Peace!!

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