Hello world! It’s been a month since my previous post and boy did so much change. There were good times and bad times. After all, life is full of good times and bad times.

GOOD NEWS: I received my two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination. The sense of freedom is slowly but surely returning to me. I did not feel any side effects from the first shot, but I did following the second shot. All I had was chills. Thankfully the chills were brief.

GOOD NEWS: I quit my serving job at a nursing home and gained a position as a food service worker for ServiceSource. I AM TICKLED PINK FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY. I will be serving the US Army, their families and friends. I’m currently waiting for my background check results to come back, as well as a letter from my doctor discussing my autism and mental health issues (which are getting treated with medications). Yes, I’m super excited! Never in my life have I been excited about a job. The last thing I was expecting was a job that heavily involves the US Army. Yes, it will be a completely different world for me, but it’s an adventure that I look forward to going on.

BAD NEWS: We had to lay our beagle Moon down back in November. She could barely walk, vomiting and was no longer eating. After almost 19 years of petting, playing, walking, bathing and feeding her, the Lord decided that it was her time. Writer’s block immediately hit me following this. I must admit, I was not sure if I wanted to share my grief for the world to see. At the same time, I miss writing. So I decided that I must share my grief if I want my writing life to be more active. The times I had with Moon will forever be cherished. Rest easy baby cakes.

BAD NEWS: I’m still on Chapter two of my romance novel. Putting Moon down and working a demanding and toxic job were emotionally and physically draining for me. I’m hoping to gain will power to get my nose back to my novel following this post. It should not be an issue now because I’m free from that time consuming job. There’s a problem though: I have writers block and I have a favor to ask.

Can you offer me tips on reducing writer’s block? Tips of any kind that reduce writer’s block are very much appreciated!!!

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