A Little Goes A Long Way

A little positivity goes a long way!

So some of you might be thinking, “her head is too far in the sand” or ”her positive thinking is toxic.” On the outside is this bubbly happy go lucky woman who is well liked. But, in my mind and body, there is a war going on. So, my insight on positivity is nowhere near toxic. In actuality, it’s a source of hope (along with God Himself) that keeps me going on a daily basis. Having autism is an enormous battle for me. Verbal communication is something I fight with every day. Reading is what I do to mitigate writers block. But, there are countless times where I have no idea what the heck I’m reading, regardless of how many times I read it. COVID-19 has ruined the lives we previously had. So I completely understand that all of us have problems in our lives. However, our society can still use some uplifting, even in times where being in close contact with someone without a mask is dangerous.

It’s possible for many of us to add a glimmer of positivity in our lives, no matter how messed up life can be. I must admit that it’s not easy because we live in a cruel world. So, having negative thoughts is completely understandable. I experience them on a daily basis myself. After all it’s part of being human. However, they offer no benefit.

That’s where developing a positive mindset comes in. People crave positivity. Within minds plastered with negative thoughts, the hunger for positivity lingers daily. Here are some tips that can get you into the habit of thinking positive.

1. Read inspirational quotes. Inspiration adds uplifting into our lives. In turn, positivity is being fed into our hearts and minds. It adds that push needed to get through each day we’re blessed with.

2. Think of the good things that occur each day. For example, two days ago, my dryer broke. I was mad. I mean really mad. Negative thoughts plastered my mind. I’m thinking “Really Veronica? Seriously?” Suddenly, I thought, “there’s a laundromat one minute away (walking distance). You can dry your clothes there until you do better.” You see my friend? There’s a positive in this situation. There’s more positivity floating around us than we are led to believe. It’s just not visible to the naked eye.

3. Greet someone. I knows this is a common thing, but greeting someone sends a bunch of happy hormones throughout our bodies. As a result, the possibility of positive thoughts roaming our minds skyrockets!

4. Exercise regularly. This! I strength train twice a week (20 minutes) and do 45 minute walks twice a week. Four days total. It is so worth the time! Exercise can have an amazing effect on happiness. People who work out even once a week for 15 minutes tend to be more happier than those who never exercise. This is a tool to keep in mind if you want a rush of happy hormones (or endorphins). They help stimulate positive thinking.

Whoopsie daisy, almost forgot: positive thinking helps us live longer! Positive thoughts help reduce stress. We can all use stress reduction can we? Absolutely! This is where a positive mindset comes in. A little bit really goes a long way. One positive thought can multiply into 20 if it’s made a habit. It may seem impossible now due to this devastating pandemic. The good news is that anything is possible! Like I said, one positive thought can make a big difference!

I’m not kidding. Try it my friend. It will be worth the effort!

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