Better Than Expected

Another week. Another post. Yay yay yay!
Okay Veronica; tell everyone what happened this week.

Here it goes:

Hello world!

This past Tuesday, I was at work. It was around 12:30PM and I was cleaning down tables. A young (20 year old) soldier walked over to the row I was cleaning to sit down. We greeted each other and I thanked him for his service. Then he preceded to thank me for my service and for greeting everyone. As he was thanking me, he said ”you make this place better than it is.” We had an actual conversation after that. I was very relaxed. No nervousness ran up and down my body like a bolt of lightning. This right here pulled heart strings. I literally held back tears. I was that emotional. That was the most unexpected, but sweetest comment I have received thus far. I had no clue that a simple greeting and goodbye can inspire a complete stranger, let alone a younger person. Also, I learned that it’s a great way to open the door to communication.

As I am thinking about this, I ask myself, β€œam I better at communication than I’ve given myself credit for? Is there a chance that I have hidden myself from people for so long that I deprived myself of human interaction? I must say yes. The struggles are still there, such as asking for clarification on misunderstood statements and leading conversations. There are countless times where I lack interests in communicating with people. In spite of that, I am thinking that I will master communication faster than expected.

The feeling of growing socially overwhelms me and it’s exhilarating. I never thought I could put myself out there like that. I did and I do not see myself going back to the woman who lacked communication with people.

I am writing this in hopes of inspiring others who suffer from autism, social anxiety and other communication disabilities. Effective communication is possible for those who believe they can do it.

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