Birthday Month

Yep, February is my birthday month. I will be 34 in 23 days. I know that I’m not getting any younger (none of us are), but I am honestly much happier now than I was in my 20’s.

My 20’s were years of searching for a purpose. Like, what can an autistic woman like myself offer to a world that is confusing to her? I had no answer. Knowing this, I switched my major countless times in college, searching for a purpose.
I felt like I was on an long empty street. I thought to myself, ”This street has to lead me somewhere. Where am I going?”

I kept walking down that empty street in hopes of getting an answer. Yes, I was getting tired, but my life’s purpose was out there somewhere.

Then October 2021 came. After letting go of a toxic relationship, I realized that my purpose involved writing. Also, writing a book is part of that purpose. The desire to write a novel was there for almost a decade but I had no idea what message I wanted to put forth. Because of that, I pretty much put the calling aside and searched for another purpose.

I continued on with life. I went to work and continued maintaining my household. Meanwhile, the book calling never went away. There are countless days where the thought was not there at all, but it would eventually turn on like a light switch without warning.

Realizing that the thought of writing a book was not going away, I have decided to start my outline in January of 2022. I have no idea what I am doing. Also, I have never written a book before. Meanwhile, I will not allow those excuses to be obstacles and will cooperate with my love for writing. It’s something that never leave me.

There’s a fictional story growing within me and will put it down in words as it comes. I don’t know where it will lead, but taking the chance is the best choice 🙂

If I have learned anything, it’s this: Never ignore the calling within you, no matter what the reason is. You never know how many blessings you can miss by doing so.


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