New Niche

Bullying is a new niche that I will be discussing. I have decided to talk about this topic because I have experienced this all throughout my school years, including college. This is also a second factor (after autism) to my past issues with self acceptance, thoughts of suicide (currently seeking treatment), and discomfort with being around people. The scars from being bullied forever stay with you, no matter how much time passes by. They’re like open wounds that cannot be fully healed, only managed.

As much as my experiences with bullying hurt, I am aware that there are those who have it far worst than me. Because of this, I have come to peace with my past and forgiven those who bullied me. Today, my heart aches for the victims who are now adults and the young victims in school getting bullied on the daily. If only a solution to this problem was made. The world would be a much better place if something is done about bullying. I know that writing about bullying will not solve the issue, but it can make those who are bullying aware of the damage they are doing to their victims. Maybe this will urge them to rethink their actions and stop bullying altogether.


Spoiler alert: this will be an issue that will play a role on the novel I am currently working on. This excites me even more! Adding this issue to my novel will make my readers aware of how devastating this issue is, especially to students with special needs. Their physical and/or mental limitations make it harder for them to deal with this. This is such a common problem in school and the workplace that it compelled me to add a bully (or bullies) to my story. Other than autism awareness, another hope is to spread awareness the effects bullying has on all children if no action is taken.

I have to say this. I know it’s very uneasy seeing this, but bullying is very dangerous. It may look harmless in some cases, but all cases of bullying are equally dangerous. This is another reason why I have decided to choose bullying as a second niche. It cannot be thrown under the rug. The issue cannot be diluted. If children in school have to put up with their bullies on a daily basis, then this should be no problem to talk about. Am I right?

If this encourages one parent of a victim to reach out for help or one parent of a bully to do something about their child’s dangerous deeds, that would be incredible!

I conclude that there will be a third niche I will be bringing to my blog. I will discuss it when the time is right. The bullying niche needs time to be fitted into my blog 🙂 Until then, catch you all later!

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