Myth #3 About Autism

Myth #3: You can grow out of autism.

As good as growing out of autism sounds to many, it’s actually something that will remain with us (those affected) until the day we take our last breaths. Notice how I did not say unfortunately? It’s because autism is not the unfortunate thing here. It’s society’s point of view on autism that’s unfortunate 😞


Despite autism’s limitations, it’s possible for autistic individuals to beat the odds and live independent lives. There are even some who are married and have children of their own 🙂 Others are single and living on their own, like myself. More and more are going to college and graduating.

Meanwhile, autism remains within us and around us.

Can autistic people reach independence? Yes. Can we accomplish our goals? Absolutely 🙃 However, we must never give the false notion that autism can be grown out of. There are parents who will discover that their children are on the autism spectrum. They must know that autism can only be worked around, not grown out of.

Smile 🙂 This is not a bad thing. It’s what makes us stand out from everyone else. Yes, it’s tough. But there is a God that is tougher!

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