Myth #4 About Autism

Autistic individuals are best suited for jobs that entail repetitive tasks.


Every autistic individual is different. We have different hobbies, different favorite foods, and yes, even different job experiences. Our job experiences range from extensive to none. Some work in jobs that consists of repetitiveness while others do not.

In fact, Temple Grandin is a well know animal science professor and author who happens to be autistic. There is repetitiveness involved in her work, but the material she teaches doesn’t stay the same. Change happens every day within her teachings and every semester when she teaches different students.

Jo Redman is an autistic (also ADHD) British woman who is a three time WKC kickboxing world champion. Repetitiveness is involved due to her physical endurance, but she faces different opponents whenever she’s on the mat. Therefore, each match she competes in is different.

As for myself, change happens every day at my job due to soldiers coming and leaving Fort Bragg. Also, my job duties can change unexpectedly each day I show up to work. Yes, there’s repetitiveness involved, but my tasks do not stay the same.

As you can see, each one of us have jobs that involve change, even though there’s repetitiveness involved. There are individuals who can handle constant changes while others cannot.

That’s what makes autism so diverse. It’s like a rainbow. It’s colors are not only beautiful, but are unique.

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