Took a Break

Yep. I said it. I have taken a break from blogging for awhile due to writer’s block, as well as writers burnout. Not fun at all. I mean, I could really use the days off. I just feel like unknown words within me accumulate overtime if I do not put them on paper.

How’s life?

Life for me has been great. I have been chosen as employee of the month two to three weeks ago. I honestly was very pleased, but not shocked. Something within me was telling me that the plaque I saw in my boss’s hand was for me. I immediately became anxious because I have stage fright and do not adjust well to being the center of attention. Once she mentioned my name, I responded “get out of town.” That was just a way for me to calm my nerves down. My right calf was literally shaking after I received the plaque, but I hid it the best I could. Once I calmed down, a sense of accomplishment overtook me. I thought to myself, “I am much more capable than I led myself to believe. If I can perform well now, the chances of excelling at the same company are 100!”

I miss writing so much and doing all I can to come up with another series. All I know is that my new series will discuss bullying and how it affected me then and today.


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