Clearing the throat

This is one of the main stim behaviors I experience. I’m literally doing it as I am writing this. An urge would come if I try not to.

This is way harder to put into words than it sounds. I mean, who would think that clearing of the throat is a stimming behavior among neurodiverse individuals?

I most definitely wouldn’t think of this…

When I was a teenager, I would clear my throat quite often. Jessica (my twin sister) would as well. I did not have a cold or have a hoarseness in my voice. So, my mother asked me why I was clearing my throat so often. I had absolutely no idea what to say because I did not have an answer at the time. She went on and assumed that my throat was dry.

For years, I assumed my throat clearing was due to dryness. That all changed recently when I researched repetitive behaviors in neurodiverse (autistic) individuals. “I googled stimmimg behavior in autistic individuals.” Low and behold I see clearing of the throat as one of the most common behaviors. I thought “oh, now I get it.” My neurodiverse body and mind were behind this annoying behavior. Not throat dryness.

Meanwhile, clearing of the throat is not a tell tail sign of autism due to countless others reasons why this happens. Repetitive behavior itself is the main sign of the disorder. What makes autism so unique is the fact that auties experience repeated behavior differently from one another. Some may clear their throat (like myself) while others pace around (like Jessica).

Autism is not only unique, but extremely diverse. It’s like a rainbow🌈 Actually, it is 🙂

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