Hello lovelies!

You read that correctly. Spinning is another common stim (repetitive movement).

I spin whenever I feel the need to. I would put on a song, put it on repeat, and spin. I started doing this a decade ago. I do not have an explanation as to why I started in my adulthood. Perhaps I was often barricaded in my room and the urge to spin with music playing came up.

There’s an odd additive I left out: I would slant sideways (like an upside down J) and then spin.

I used to do this in a daily basis. Today, I only do this every once in a while because I get super exhausted after work. Also, I am really into fitness and spinning in a shape of an upside down J would be a distraction to others putting in a workout.

I am consciously aware that this is odd behavior. However, in my mind and body, it’s “normal.”

You see? This is where my blog’s title came from. The norm to me (and many other auties) is not considered the norm for neurotypical individuals. This only makes breaking the negative perception the world has about autistic people more difficult to destroy. In an attempt to fight the negative image and replace that with better understanding, I write about my experiences.

The good news is this: I ENJOY DOING IT 🙂

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