1. Preventive Countermeasure

Yep. I said it. Many autistic children and adults are isolated because it is more comfortable for them. The overwhelming stimuli that comes with being surrounded by others can make social life impossible to enjoy without getting burned out. I know this first hand.

When I was in college (2007-2012), I went to several get togethers. Hey, I was in my early 20s 🙂 Anyway, there were times where I experienced autism burnout and times where I had the time of my life. I can tell you this. Burnout is not pretty. I can remember a girl asking me what was the matter. Well, she gestured tears (by rubbing her fingers down her cheeks) to me. She did that because I appeared to be fighting back tears. I told her I was alright. In actuality, I was burned out from the blasting music and mingling among the party goers. I just did not know it at the time. Incidents like this are socially disabling. The only way to prevent this is through isolation. Burnout is something that many of us wish to avoid, therefore isolating ourselves becomes a coping mechanism.

I cannot speak for all auties because not all of us experience social isolation. Unfortunately though, this is a sad reality for many of us. We do not want to be isolated. We just want to be comfortable in a body that does not respond well to external stimuli (sound, smell, temperature change, even touch).

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