3. A Remedy

Don’t worry. This observation is from my personal experiences.

I know this sounds strange to those who are extroverted and enjoy being surrounded by people. There are even autistic individuals who are extremely extroverted. Cool huh?

This may sound weird to introverts as well. But, isolation can be a remedy to autistic individuals.

As for me, I try my best to be sociable, knowing that my peculiarities will always be there for as long as I am breathing. But, there are times where I need time to recover from burnout. Therefore, I place myself in isolation.

At work, burnout is an everyday occurrence. The good thing is that I still perform my work duties as directed. After I eat my lunch, I go outside alone and enjoy nature. I intend to relieve my mind and body from burnout. It works very well. After about 30-45 minutes, I feel refreshed and return to work.

Many auties need alone time in order to recover from the burnout they are experiencing, especially children. I know this from personal experience. Ignoring burnout is a recipe for disaster. For example, if I go to work burned out, I will do a horrible job performing my job duties.

This is not understood by society because they are not living in a body that’s overreactive or under reactive to the world they live in. So, I am hoping that speaking about my experiences will bring awareness to neurotypical individuals, as well as parents of autistic children.

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