Update on COVID-19 Case

As far as the COVID 19 exposure at my workplace goes, those who work with the resident infected were tested. The results are still pending. As far as myself, I am still practicing social distance among my family members and coworkers, constantly cleaning after each use, and still wearing my PPE (personal protective equipment). Residents … Continue reading Update on COVID-19 Case

COVID 19 Case

This is not an easy notification to make, but it’s absolutely necessary. It’s necessary because it’s affecting my workplace. Also, it wouldn’t be fair to hold something like this back from not only people I know, but from my readers. Yesterday morning, one of our fellow residents tested positive for COVID-19. Her family has been … Continue reading COVID 19 Case

COVID 19: The Past Two Weeks

COVID-19 is literally changing lives everywhere. The death toll has surpassed 12,700 in the United States. New York has the highest number of cases and fatalities. Survivors will be left with medical bills and possibly side effects from the fatal infection. For example, an infected person’s lungs may not be fully functional after recovery. Countless … Continue reading COVID 19: The Past Two Weeks

COVID 19: Stay At Home Order

Governor Roy Cooper (of North Carolina) issued a stay at home order Friday. It will start on March 30 (last night). The order directs everyone to stay at home, except for essential necessities (such as grocery shopping). It bans gatherings of more than 10 people and directs everyone to stay six feet away from each … Continue reading COVID 19: Stay At Home Order